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Legal Services

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​Legal Services

The Legal Office works in conjunction with the Property Trust to ensure that the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania has comprehensive legal expertise to serve the needs of the Church.

The Synod Legal Services unit is available to provide advice and assistance to congregations, agencies and ministers on a reasonable fee for service basis.
There are many areas of the law that the Legal Services can help you with, including:
•    Property - Purchases and Sales
•    Property - Development Consolidation and Subdivision
•    Adverse Possession
•    General Law Conversions
•    Act 391 Applications
•    Leasing including commercial, residential and church buildings
•    Telecommunication Leases
•    Licence Agreements for occupation of premises
•    Commercial Disputes
•    Commercial Tenders
•    Litigation
•    Mediation
•    Estates
•    Wills
•    Drafting Agreements
•    General Legal Advice
•    Copyright

Contact the Legal Services team:
The Uniting Church in Australia
Synod of Victoria and Tasmania
Legal Office
Level 1, 130 Little Collins Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Tel:  (03) 9251 5205.

Should you have any general legal enquiries, please contact

For all legal invoice queries and documents, please contact


Legal Services Staff:

Legal services

Director Legal Services: Dion Gooderham
Tel: (03) 9251 5206

Property Portfolio

Senior Lawyer:  Joanne Douglas 
Tel: (03) 9251 5926

Conveyancing Clerk:​  Alan Zhang
Tel: (03) 9251 5204

Titles Project Officer: John Davey (Thursdays)
Tel: (03) 9251 5205

Trusts Portfolio

Senior Lawyer: Sandra Bethell
Tel: (03) 9251 5966

Lawyer: Rhiannon Abondio
Tel: (03) 9251 5449

PLT Intern: Elizabeth Lee
Tel: (03) 9251 5927

Conduct and Compliance Portfolio

Senior Lawyer: Katrina Gillies
Tel: (03) 9251 5277

Lawyer: Alicia Taylor
Tel: (03) 9251 5962
Email: ​

General & Commercial

Legal Counsel: Stacey Giovanelli
Tel: (03)  9251 5218