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9 October 2018
I am pleased to inform you that the Rev Deacon Peter Batten has accepted the Call of the Presbytery to serve the Mission of God in this Presbytery as the Mission Resourcing Ministry/PeM* to commence on the 1st January 2019.
He joins the Rev Jennie Gordon and the Rev Arnie Wierenga as part of the Leadership team in the Presbytery for 2019 and beyond. There are other appointments to be made to this team.
At a special meeting of the Standing Committee held at 5pm on Wednesday 26th September 2018 at the Traralgon UC, the Report from the JNC regarding the Mission Resourcing Ministry/PeM* placement was received. The report contained the following:
‘The JNC recommends that the Gippsland Presbytery issue a call to the Rev. Deacon Peter Batten to take up the 1.0 FTE ministry of Presbytery Minister Mission Resourcing, which includes the 0.5 FTC PeM ministry in accordance with the Gippsland Presbytery’s position profile "Mission Resourcing Ministry 0.5 FTC plus PeM 0.5 FTE.” ‘
This recommendation was the unanimous decision of the Joint Nominating Committee.
After discussion, the Presbytery Standing Committee decided unanimously to issue a Call to the Rev Deacon Peter Batten to this Ministry.
It seems likely that Peter and his wife Jenny will live in the Presbytery Manse in Sale. Peter’s Induction will be at the Presbytery in Council meeting in February 2019.
Rev Dr Des Parker
8th October 2019
*The Synod has established a new approach to mission which is focussed on developing people as Presbytery leaders and Congregational leaders. In other words equipping Leadership for Mission…eLM. Each Presbytery will have a person appointed as a 0.5 (half time) eLM to do this work in that Presbytery. Because they will be working in the Presbytery , the position is called a Presbytery equipping leadership for Mission…PeM.

16 August 2018

I am delighted to announce that a Letter of Call has been sent to Rev Jennie Gordon and Rev Arnie Wierenga, each to a 0.75fte Placement in the Presbytery of Gippsland as Pastoral Resourcing Ministers. The Presbytery has received their enthusiastic response and acceptance of this Call.

Jennie and Arnie look forward to working with us as we all respond to the call of God to be his people. Matching word and deed, celebrating our unity in diversity, caring for ourselves, each other and the world that we are called to serve. We move forward in response to the call of the Spirit.

The Induction Service is being planned as part of the Presbytery in Council meeting on Saturday 10th November in Traralgon. Jennie and Anie will commence their Placements on the 15th November 2018.

At the Nov PIC Rev Deacon Judy McLeod and Rev Ivy Goodwin will be thanked for their outstanding service to the Presbytery as Supply Pastoral Care Ministers. They will continue in their Supply Roles until the end of November to provide some overlap and handover to Arnie and Jennie.

Peace and blessing,

Rev Dr Des Parker