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 Social Justice Task Group

For the first time, the Uniting Church President has issued a message for Survival Day.  Stuart McMillan is calling for a national conversation about sovereignty and treaty. 

You will find the video in our Covenanting Facebook group or on YouTube via this link:

Lent Event – join us to make a big impact for the world's poor
As Lent traces Jesus’ journey to the Cross, it’s also a time to reflect on our journey as disciples and act in solidarity with people within our global church. UnitingWorld’s Lent Event is a call to embrace simple living, set aside material goods and donate the money saved to support projects that offer a better future to people living on the margins. Download the Lent Event app or visit

Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Working Group.

In 2009 the Presbytery established a working group to reflect on and bring before Presbytery issues of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

The role of the working group will be

  • to address issues that impact on the church in Gippsland and the wider community of Gippsland;

  • to act as a reference group for members of congregations, churches and parishes wishing to explore issues of justice, peace and integrity of creation;

  • to act as a working group to which Presbytery can refer matters for consideration and report (including issues that are referred from Synod or Assembly).

  • To act as a link for the Presbytery with with the Justice and International Mission Unit at the Synod and with Uniting World and Uniting Justice at the Assembly.

The operation of the working group

The group will consist of a Convenor and up to five members with power to co-opt. The group will meet as required, perhaps three or four times a year face to face. It may chose to work via e-mail or using skype or other technologies. It will report at least annually to the Presbytery and its Standing Committee and at other times when appropriate.


The National Energy Efficiency Network

Michael Hwang from the National Energy Efficiency Network was in Gippsland recently. On Wednesday 1st April, Michael led a forum at St. John’s Uniting Church Cowes.

NEEN is a government funded organisation, created to encourage energy efficiency in Not-for-Profit organisations, and thereby encouraging care for this planet which we all live on.

NEEN helps organisations like churches reduce energy costs.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways is SWITCH OFF un-used appliances, or those on standby.

Or - adjusting the temperature setting on your heating or cooling so it’s closer to the outside temperature.

Or - de-lamping. Taking out un-needed sets of lights.

Or – replacing lighting (globes, downlights, tubes) with energy efficient ones.

(At the forum we noted the LED fluro tubes are brighter, cooler and don’t shatter).

Change the lights that are used most, first.

Or turning down the temperature on your Hot Water Service. (Note for commercial kitchens or churches with catering programs, the temperature will need to be higher.)

interpret their power bills, which give usage costs and service costs, but don’t tell us when the highest use of energy (and therefore highest cost) is happening.

NEEN has a website  where you can:

Perform a bill check

Register to be a NEEN member

Use the “opportunity calculator” to work out how best to save costs/improve efficiency

Download a fact sheet

Ask questions

One of the best fact sheets for churches is: