​Recent News in the Presbytery

Induction of Rev. Denise Naish at St. Stephen’s Uniting Church, Wodonga  26-4-‘17

            An enthusiastic crowd greeted the induction of Denise Naish at St. Stephen’s. The members here had been waiting a long time for their new minister and were looking forward to making sure she felt welcome.

            Rev. Kel Hodge from Benalla, who had been a member of the Joint Nominating committee dealing with this appointment, told of much thought and prayer in getting the right person for Wodonga and that finally they felt they had found that one. He too warmly welcomed Denise.

            Denise made her reply a very personal one. She commented that she had a feeling of coming home in returning to the North East. She also told of her family and her own experiences. She felt that she was especially called to bring the gospel to people by walking alongside them and even more so if she had been in that vulnerable place herself.

            Members of St. Stephen’s congregation brought forward symbols of the ministry there – a Bible, communion elements, a basket of food from Foodshare, some garments from the Op. Shop - and presented them to Denise.

She was welcomed by Presbytery members, the St. Stephen’s congregation and those from other denominations and other places. It speaks well of Denise’s ministry that a number of friends had travelled from Portland to wish her well and also others from Tallangatta, where Denise had ministered in the past.

Rev. Andrew Delbridge led communion and opportunity was then given to those attending to meet Denise and talk over super.

A special commendation of the music – the hymn singing, the choir and the superb organist.

All the best, Denise.

Article by Carmyl Winkler

Goorambat Uniting Church Wall Art

The most recent Crosslight features a front page photo and article about the recent Street Art that has been going on in Benalla and surrounding areas.

One of these amazing Wall Artists, called Adnate, has painted a full size original artwork on the inside front wall of the church. The giant mural is of Sofia - the personification of divine wisdom in the Old Testament. A must see if you are travelling near Benalla, as are the other artworks around the town.