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Upcoming Events

Sacraments Training - Starting Next Week!

The Sacrament of Holy Communion - Saturday the 14th of April

10am-12noon at Euroa UCA 5 Kirkland Ave, Euroa.

The Sacrament of Baptism - Saturday the 28th of April

10am-12noon at Euroa UCA 5 Kirkland Ave, Euroa

Or both - The Sacrament of Holy Communion and of Baptism - Saturday the 14th of April

4-8:30pm at Upper Kiewa Valley, Mt Beauty UCA, Cnr Kiewa Crescent & Hill Street, Mt Beauty

Anyone interested in sitting in on these sessions is welcome!

Those seeking accreditation will be required to complete subsequent assessments on top of this training.


Please contact me to secure your attendance, and to enable me to prepare enough material/resources, or 0432284279.

If these venues/times are not convenient, I am open to offering further sessions later in the year. Call me and we can plan future sessions. 0432284279 Jeanne

PowerPoint training (or Keynote for those with iPads) - 2 hour sessions

Seeking venues in May or June - looking to run either or both sessions at a few venues across the Presbytery - if you or your congregation is interested, please call me - 0432284279 Jeanne

Participants will need to bring or have access to their own laptops (or iPad)

Beginners Sessions: introduction on how to prepare a PowerPoint, including how to stylize text, insert photos and format backgrounds.

Advanced Sessions: will include how to set up equipment, how to embed Audio and Video clips, and animation. This session would be helped with access to Wifi.

Small Group Leadership Training Workshop

Small groups are key to growing the life of the church and vital in helping new members make strong connections into the church community. This workshop is designed to give confidence to those who have a desire/passion to build networks of support in their congregation and wider community. Leadership for these small groups is ideally members of the congregation that have a passion for developing community and a bit of time to invest in communication with group members. Whilst the target participant in this workshop is congregational members, ministry agents and community members are most welcome.

The first of these workshops will be held at Beechworth UCA, during the day sometime in the first few weeks of May.

The session will run for 3 hours.

I am also open to offering this workshop at other venues across the Presbytery, please call me to lock in a time and place 0432284279 Jeanne

Funeral Training

I am also looking at running a Funeral presiding workshop – those interested are invited to register their interest either by email or call me on 0432284279


Rev Michele Lees

Saturday July 7

at 2:00pm Echuca

Veronica Bradley

Wangaratta on Tuesday, 15 May 2018

at 7:00pm.