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 Aims and Principles of KCO

National Aims of KCO

  • To immerse children and adults in Christian community.
  • To develop an awareness of God and a relationship with God as together campers experience faith and spirituality in worship and other ways
  • To model a high quality, children's event

Principles of KCO

 IMG_4587.JPGAs a Uniting Church in Australia Presbytery of Tasmania event, it is understood that the KUCA Campout Team and Volunteers will work within the bounds of the National Aims of KCO.  We therefore aim to communicate God's Good News to children in the context of a safe and fun environment, where caring relationships can be built.

Sharing the Gospel:

We communicate the Gospel in contemporary language and in ways appropriate to the children. We use the Bible as the foundation for our teaching.


  • we highlight that faith should always lead to action and to growth in character
  • we aim to follow Biblical principles in all that we do
  • we seek to honour God in carrying out our roles; by discerning God's will, covering everything in prayer and maintaining the highest standards possible
  • we acknowledge that the Gospel has social dimensions and therefore it calls us to serve others and to have a concern for social justice
  • we encourage children to follow Christ in ways that are appropriate to their age, culture and background (whether they are active members of a Christian faith community or this is their first contact with the Christian message); taking special account of their home and family situation, level of maturity and faith history
  • we will program activities that children will be able to relate to and enjoy. The children (not their leaders) will always be the primary focus for all activities.