The Church Council booklet is designed to help you fulfil your mission as a Church Council by providing a quick reference guide for various processes used within the Uniting Church. These processes exist to help you both discern where God is calling you and to help you follow that call. The processes in this booklet, however, are not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the life of a congregation.    

Each section of the booklet will briefly introduce the topic and its purpose and then outline the process to be followed. The electronic resources provide more detail and background information for each topic.  These are located on the USB stick that came with this document.

Resource list

01.        Introduction:

The Role of the Congregation and the Church Council

02.        Building Disciples:

Worship and Sacraments including Lay Presidency

03.        Building Disciples: Leadership Development

    1. Period of Discernment
    2. Lay Preacher
    3. Pastor
    4. Deacon, Minister of the Word

04.        Placement processes

    1. New placement
    2. Six month reflection
    3. Supply
    4. Presbytery Liaison Person

05.        The Church: A Safe Place

    1. OHS and Risk Management
    2. Safe Church

06.        Further resources for ministry and mission

    1. Small Rural Grants
    2. BOMAR Grants
    3. Property Sale Proceeds
    4. Presbytery Grants

07.        Finance, Insurance and Property Matters

    1. Treasurer Resources
    2. Insurance claims
    3. Leasing church property
    4. Manse inspections
    5. Synod property services forms

08.        Annual Reports

    1. Report to Presbytery
    2. Report to Synod

09.        Other councils of the church

    1. Presbytery
    2. Synod
    3. Assembly

10.        Communication – Uniting TAS and Crosslight

11.        Who do I contact?

12.        Church Council checklist