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 History of KCO


The Uniting Church Synod of Tasmania first developed KUCA Campout (KCO) in 1986 which has now celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2016.

The first KCO was held in 1986 with 450 people and 17 parishes being represented.  The following year there were about 700 people with 20 parishes represented. Whilst numbers of those attending has ebbed and flowed over the years, this event is now well established in the life of the Uniting Church calendar in Tasmania and has matured into an outstanding significant event.

The success of the camp is due very much to the many individual people giving time, talents and gifts unselfishly, particularly those who have been on the organising committees over the years.

The venues have been in all areas of the state:  Buttons Creek Caravan Park at Ulverstone, Ross Caravan Park at Ross and more recently at Scotch Oakburn Valley Campus at Fingal.

Bus travel to the campsite, tenting, craft activities, Bible Story Electives, games, KUCA and the clowns have been a part of every KUCA Campout. 

Congregations cooking food for their own campers to the current day cooks providing food for everyone have provided food for campers and leaders. 

Sandcastle competitions, fireworks, noisy midnight trains are some of the other memories that others recall.

KUCA Campout Themes

1986               Kids Campout

1987               Kids Campout

1988               Shout for Joy           

1889               We are the body of Christ

1990               G'day God

1991               God's Spirit – My Friend

1992               Me and God

1993               Kingdom Kids

1994               Jesus – Lifesaver

1995               Lighten Up
1996               Rock Solid with Jesus

1997               Together Forever
1998               God's Never Ending Story
1999               Born to Give

2000               The Great Adventure
2001               All in God's Time

2002               Arise n Shine

2003               Link in

2004               Who me?

2005               Who me? Yes you!

2006               We're all invited

2007               Agents of Change

2008               Climb Aboard

2009               Build it!

2010               Knock Knock           

2011               Grow It!

2012               Up Side Down…

2013               Where are you?

2014               World of Wonder

2015 March   Jesus our Friend

2015 Oct        AOK!  Acts of Kindness

2016              Back to the Future II