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Western Victoria

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Presbytery of Western Victoria

​We are a large presbytery stretching from the border in the west to Ballarat in the east; Warracknabeal in the north to the southern ocean - and some 105 congregations in between.

About Us

The Presbytery of Western Victoria is a large area stretching from the South Australian border west of Portland, just north of the Dukes Highway west of Serviceton, turning northeast to include Jeparit, Warracknabeal and  Beulah and running down southeast, to take in the towns north and north east of Ballarat, including Ballan, before turning south and passing to the west of Geelong, to the coast at Apollo Bay.

It includes a number of major centres such as Ballarat, Warrnambool, Horsham, Colac, Hamilton, Portland, Ararat and Stawell.

In common with much of rural Victoria agricultural activity is varied, including dry land cereal and grazing, dairy, forestry, wool and beef production. Tourism and service industries, education and medical facilities are spread throughout the region. The most remote parts are about five hours from Melbourne.

There are some 105 congregations ranging in size from the faithful handful to nearly 300 members. They meet in small weatherboard and brick and bluestone buildings, through to large city churches, many of which are now celebrating 100 to 150 years of witness.

The geography in which they are set is as varied as the buildings and the congregations themselves - from the wide Wimmera plains to the highlands of the Ma​in Divide, from coastal towns to places hundreds of kilometres from the sea.

While some areas continue to grow, others are declining in population and services. To try to overcome the ‘tyranny of distance’, the Presbytery is divided into six regions, each with their own distinct characteristics. Ministering to such dispersed and disparate populations when the numbers of ordained ministers and deacons in placement are declining, continues to provide us with our greatest challenge. 

Many congregations depend on the devotion of lay ministry teams, which are supported through continuing education and training programs which aim to try and equip the whole people of God for effective witness in their various communities.

Contact Us

Please direct formal correspondence to:
Presbytery of Western Victoria
PO Box 4157
Alfredton 3500

CHAIRPERSON: Mr Andrew Boatan
t 5335 9661 m 0407 388 728 e

SECRETARY: Mr Malcolm Boadle
t 5348 3194 m 0409 827 630 e

TREASURER: Rev Geoff Barker
t 54565 8796 m 0407 349 578 e

Presbytery Minister Administration: Andrew Phillips
m 0407 508 410 e

Presbytery Minister Pastoral Leadership and Education: Rev Trevor Bassett (commencing March 2019)

Mission and Ministry Worker: Elaine Edwards
t 5572 4627 m 0411 404 189 e

Presbytery ABN: 28 901 597 834