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Our Vision and Mission Principles

This page contains a number of resources, including translations of the Vision and Mission Principles and Statements of Intent in a number of languages. Scroll further down to find the translations.

March 2017 - Launch of a new resource booklet - Introducing the Vision and Mission Principles 

The Moderator introduces the new booklet



Introducing the Vision and Mission Principles is a 16 page booklet containing information and exercises to help focus on God's mission. The booklet invites discussion, provokes questions and gives an intentional focus for discerning the renewing work of the Spirit in our day.

This resource is designed for personal reflection,  within a congregation or in a group environment where you may be exploring the Strategic Framework of the Synod. There are lots of practical exercises to try as we experience together the vision of the church we are called to live in within our changing world.​ 

It is available as a PDF to dowload here and printed booklets are being distributed to various Uniting Church locations during March 2017. If you would like a printed copy of the booklet or would like to share your experience of using the booklet, please write to Rev David Withers, Strategic Framework Minister via email:

Translations of the Vision and Mission Principles and Statements of Intent

In February 2017 we started publishing translations of the Vision and Mission Principles and Statements of Intent in languages other than English. We hope that this creates greater accessibility for conversations and discussions about the strategic framework of the synod and that it assists to foster faith, deepen discipleship, partnerships and trust as we seek to act together across cultures.

Below please find versions in Tongan, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean and Indonesian. You can click on the PDF links and images below to download, print or save these versions. Translations in Samoan, Dinka, Vietnamese and Tamil are currently being worked on and will be the next translations to be published. On the right of this page you can find versions in English.

The vision of our church is the story we are called to live within our changing world.

It articulates our passion, our collective inspiration and our joy as people shaping our lives by the story of God among us. We seek to be accessible to all who are interested in Christ and all who identify with our values.

Our Mission Principles seek to capture God’s ongoing story of love, grace and mercy known to us through Jesus Christ. They mark how we will respond as life-giving communities of faithful people.

The Statements of Intent seeks to guide how we move forward as a Church at mission and achieve a sustainable future. The Statements of Intent are summarised as follows:

Statements of Intent.JPG

We invite those across our Synod – and those curious about their spirituality – to dream, wonder and explore in prayerful open discernment. Share with us how your current and future activities live out the Gospel values as expressed in our Vision and Mission Principles.

We have resources for the church community available now and you can find them on the links to the right of this page. We will continue to share resources as they are developed and we welcome news of how your part of the Church is exploring our vision.  

A call to us all

Sharon Hollis, Moderator, Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria and Tasmania

It is my prayer that the Vision and Mission Principles will assist the church across our synod to return again and again to our primary call – to be Jesus followers.  They call us back to the heart of who we are and remind us we are people who recognise in Jesus the presence of God.
The Vision and Mission Principles give language to how it is we will follow Jesus and what marks our participation in the reign of God. Because the principles are both descriptive and aspirational they invite us to continue to live more fully into the life of God, made know to us in Jesus Christ through how we act in the world and share our faith.



Graphic representations of Vision and Mission Principles for downloading and printing (English) For other language versions, please refer to the main section of this page for downloadable PDFs.

Crosslight monthly articles on Vision and Mission Principles. You may like to print the PDFs to use as discussion points in your gathered communities

March 2017 Crosslight​

Background to development of Vision and Mission Principles