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Uniting Vic.Tas

Uniting Victoria & Tasmania

What is Uniting?

Uniting is the community services organisation of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania. Christ invites us to serve humanity by creating an inclusive, connected and just world. This is the foundation of the work that we do as Uniting. Synod’s decision to create Uniting brought together 21 UnitingCare agencies, Wesley Mission Victoria, and two Synod business units - Share and UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania Early Childhood Services - to form one united organisation. Bringing together all of these agencies into one has been a big task, and there is more work to be done. We appreciate your support and patience as you walk the journey with us. Find out more on the Uniting Vic.Tas website.


Share’s trusted relationship with congregations across Victoria and Tasmania has nurtured and supported a strong culture of making a difference and strengthening our communities. The Synod decided that Share would join Uniting for a number of key reasons. Most of the money Share raised, including through the regular Share Appeals, was distributed to programs and services that are now part of Uniting. Bringing Share together with the fundraising teams from the other agencies delivers a stronger, more focused fundraising approach that connects congregations and the community with the services that Uniting provides. Donations made through Uniting will continue to support people who live life at the margins and the programs and services that are close to your heart. In addition,you will still be able to nominate specific locations or services where you wish to direct your donation.

UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania (UCVT) Early Childhood Services

The Early Childhood Services managed by UCVT operated under the same single Provider License as services from other founding agencies, so it made sense for Uniting to manage these services together.

What we do

We work to inspire people, enliven communities and confront injustice, providing more than 770 programs and services to people in communities across Victoria and Tasmania. We empower children, young people and families to learn and thrive. We’re there for people experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction or mental health issues. We support people with disability to live the life they choose. We assist older people to maintain their independence and enjoy life. We provide people with opportunities to access training and meaningful employment. We’re proud to welcome and support asylum seekers to our community. We work to empower people with the information, skills and tools they need to live a healthy, happy life. We work closely with other Uniting Church organisations active in the community including local congregations, Parish Missions, Uniting AgeWell, Uniting Housing and UnitingCare Australia.

The journey so far

Creating a united community services organisation out of the multiple agencies has been a journey of many years involving much thought, reflection, prayer and careful planning.

Uniting Timeline

The creation of Uniting represents a significant commitment by the Uniting Church to continue its ministry of compassion and care and to strengthen a prophetic call for justice in our time. It comes at a time of significant change in the community services sector due to increasing and changing community needs. This has resulted in changes to Government policy, distribution of funding and increased competition. Reforms mean that people who use services have more choice and more control and are looking for easier access. Community services organisations have to make sure they are ready for this new approach. Uniting builds on the legacy of our founding agencies –– and their partnerships with the church and the wider community. Collectively we have been supporting people and families in local communities across Victoria and Tasmania for more than 100 years, with many of our services created by congregations and sustained by their support.

Our founding agencies and entities

You may have known us as:

  • Connections UnitingCare
  • Creative Ministries Network
  • John Macrae Centre
  • Kildonan UnitingCare
  • Lentara UnitingCare
  • Prahran Mission
  • South Port UnitingCare
  • UnitingCare Ballarat
  • UnitingCare Bendigo
  • UnitingCare East Burwood Centre
  • UnitingCare Geelong
  • Share
  • UnitingCare Gippsland
  • UnitingCare Goulburn North East
  • UnitingCare Harrison
  • UnitingCare lifeAssist
  • UnitingCare ReGen
  • UnitingCare Tasmania
  • UnitingCare Werribee Support and Housing
  • UnitingCare Wodonga
  • Wesley Centre for Life Enrichment
  • Wesley Mission Victoria
  • Wimmera UnitingCare
  • UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania Early Childhood Services