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​​​​​Interested in serving on a Synod of Victoria and Tasmania committee?


Synod governance

​​From time to time the Uniting Church has positions available for various synod committees relating to areas such as ministry oversight, community services, aged care services, investment, property, and so on.

This page assists you in understanding the level of involvement that might be needed for some of these positions. If you have further questions about joining a committee, please write to

What is governance?

The synod is a community of faithful followers of Jesus Christ coming together in worship, witness and service. The responsibility to live out our Vision and Mission Principles and strategic priorities means that we need to be organised. We do this through diligent governance and by creating structures around us that help develop and share our resources, experience, wisdom and learning. In all of this, we have mission as our focus.


Read more about the Vision and Mission Principles here.​ 

What's great about being on a committee?

  • I can live out the Vision and Mission Principles of the Church​
  • I can contribute to the life of the Church in new and renewing ways
  • I can work with others to discern the guidance of the Spirit
  • I can make a difference​
  • I can contribute to change
  • I can develop relationships that enrich my experience of Church
  • I can influence decisions by being involved​

Skills that are useful for board and committee members include:

  • Ability to listen
  • Ability to accept opposing viewpoints
  • Commitment to read committee papers before meetings
  • Willingness to share your specialist skills
  • Desire to research in order to be informed
  • Desire to learn good governance practice and wise stewardship of the Church

​​How do I know if I'm the right fit?

Just as we go through a process when we talk to people who put forward an expression of interest, it is important that the governance role feels right for you too.  Here are some tips to think about:

  • Does the committee have clearly defined roles and responsibilities?
  • Do I feel passionate about the committee's visions?
  • Is there someone to assist me if I am unsure of some of the committee responsibilities or if I do not fully understand some of the governance language that is used?
To be eligible for some committee roles, a Police Records Check may be required. Committee roles may also include an interview process.  ​​


​​Volunteers participate and share in the life of the Uniting Church​ with vigour and enthusiasm.  Like so many parts of the Church, synod committee members dedicate time and knowledge to the tasks they undertake. 

If you are thinking of expressing your interest in a position, it's important that you feel passionate about the vision of that committee.  It is always worth waiting to find the role that has personal meaning for you.  If you are giving your time and skills, we want you to enjoy and value the experience. 

​I believe there are some governance changes commencing 1 December 2017?

Yes. The June 2016 Synod authorised the Synod Standing Committee (SSC) to progressively implement some changes in governance that are centred on the Vision and Mission Principles and aligned with the Statements of Intent.

Following this, at its meeting on 28-29 April 2017, the SSC resolved to wind up and conclude the responsibilities of the Centre for Theology and Ministry Board, the Commission for Mission Interim Governance Committee, Board of Mission and Resourcing (BOMAR) the Synod Property Board, Synod Finance Committee, Synod Audit Committee and Synod Risk Management Committee, effective from 30 November 2017.

It was also resolved to commence the responsibilities of the new governance bodies - the Ministry & Mission Committee, the Property & Operations Committee, and new terms of reference for the Synod Finance, Synod Audit, and Synod Risk Management Committees from 1 December 2017. 

​What do these changes mean if I am interested in joining a synod committee?

The Synod always welcomes expressions of interest from lay or ordained people to be part of its governance bodies. For more information go to the top of this page where you will find an outline of the terms of interest of some of our committees.

We seek a range of members of all ages and all backgrounds who reflect the diversity and talents of the Church across the synod.  We look for people willing to contribute their time and leadership skills to help the church respond in new and renewing expressions of ministry and mission in a changing world. You may be an experienced committee member or you may be new to serving on a governance body. Previous board or committee experience is not a prerequisite.

We encourage you to read some of the attributes listed on this page, which may help you decide to contact us with an expression of interest. Or you may know of someone with the skills we seek and want to encourage them to express their interest. ​

​​​I applied, but I was unsuccessful​

The Uniting Church is fortunate to receive applications from people with outstanding skills and vision.  Please do not be disheartened if you are unsuccessful in a particular expression of interest.  The Church has a range of volunteer skills needed and we encourage you to talk with your contacts within the Church regarding how your talents can best be used.

​​I didn't receive a response from my query

​We are human and sometimes with the best of intentions, things slip by.  If you think this has happened please get in touch with your contacts within the Church, or contact so we can respond.  

If you are seeking other ways to volunteer, the synod has a number of volunteer areas that you may enjoy across various parts of the church. 
To find out more visit: