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​Financial Contributions


The Uniting Church provides many different opportunities for individuals to make donations, bequests or investments with and through arms of the church. For example, you might like to make a bequest to the Centre for Theology and Ministry, support the Lenten Appeal through SHARE and invest your hard-earned dollars through UCA Funds Management.

Congregations rely on Sunday offerings to cover the costs of many of their weekly overheads.

To ensure you don't miss a Sunday, you can make a direct offering to your congregation via your Development Fund account.

Direct Offering

Direct Offering is a service offered by UCA Funds Management that allows Uniting Church members to make regular contributions directly to their congregation by means of Direct Debit.

Key features:

  • Eliminates the need for cash transactions
  • Allows for regular contributions even if church members can't regularly attend worship
  • Giving can coincide with donor’s income — weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually
  • Provides the congregation with regular income and cash flow
  • Income is credited directly into the recipient’s interest-bearing account in UCA Cash Management Fund.


General Trust and Bequest Information

The trusts for the purpose of the UCA are called charitable trusts because their purpose is to advance religion, or for purposes beneficial to the community. UCA trusts are governed by various Acts including The Uniting Church in Australia Act 1977 (Vic), the Trustee Act 1958 (Vic). The church must be careful in regards to trusts as the money does not belong to the Property Trust or to the church, it is held for the specified purpose of the particular trust.

The purpose of a trust is found, in the case of a bequest in a Will or codicil to a Will. In the case of a gift made during a person's life, it may be found in a Deed of Trust, Deed of Memorandum of Gift or for example in a signed letter.

The capital of a trust is called the 'endowment' of the trust, and the endowment generates income which is to be applied for the purpose specified by the donor.

For more information on Trusts and Bequests, click here​. 

Making a bequest

When you consult the lawyer drawing up your will, he/she will insert a clause which will explain the purpose of your bequest.

​​Gift Agreement
Template (Victoria)

Gift Agreement
Template (Tasmania)

Trust Purposes and Will Clauses​​

Tax deductible donations

If you are looking specifically for tax deductible giving, the following Uniting Church organisations have DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status:

Uniting World
Frontier Services

The SHARE Community Appeal (the fundraising arm of the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania) funds UnitingCare, one of the largest providers of community services in Victoria and Tasmania, along with other worthy community service programs.

SHARE does not directly provide services to people in need but directs the generosity of the community to enable people to transform their situation, guided by compassion, equity and dignity. Visit the SHARE website here. ​​​​

Ethical Investments

UCA Funds Management is one of Australia’s ethical investing pioneers. We have long been an advocate of the link between ethical investment and long-term, sustainable performance. 

UCA Funds Management began in 1977, conducting the investment management and treasury services for the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, and has since grown to become the 6th largest manager of ethical funds in Australia.

UCA Funds Management has a range of services for institutional investors, personal investors, UCA institutions and UCA ministers. Investing in Funds Management is an investment in the Uniting Church.

For further information visit the

UCA Funds Management website.