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​Our Work Overseas



UnitingWorld is an agency of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia with a charter to stand in solidarity with our Church Partners in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.

UnitingWorld is the Uniting Church in Australia’s agent for purposeful, effective partnerships between churches and communities worldwide.

Churches and individuals look to UnitingWorld for meaningful connection with partners, which informs and invigorates their approach to mission. It’s also about standing alongside people who are marginalised, listening carefully and adding to their voice.

Genuine, deep relationships undergird all activity with responsible, long-term engagement paramount. It’s all in a bid to see transformed local communities where peace and justice reign, pointing people to hope and life in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

Connecting people and church communities in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa to partner in God’s mission.

Our Vision:

A growing movement of people and church communities, inspired, energised and transformed through global engagement with trusted partners.

Our Values:

Informed by our Christian faith, we take a holistic approach to relief and development with the following values:

Partnership: working through partnerships that embody mutual respect, responsiveness, interdependence and accountability between people overseas and in Australia;

Sustainability: seeking ongoing benefits for the communities partnered, promoting their ownership and building their capacity to manage their own development; fostering ongoing evaluation and learning to ensure high standards of effectiveness; and care for creation;

Human Rights: respecting, protecting and upholding the human rights codified in the international human rights legal framework, supporting duty bearers to act justly towards rights holders;

Inclusion: actively promoting gender equity and the meaningful participation of people from marginalised groups in all programs, ensuring no discrimination due to age, culture, gender, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or social or political affiliation;

Integrity: applying ethical, transparent and professional work practices; respecting spiritual and cultural values.