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 Protocols Policies and Guidelines for Placements Committee

1 Notes for members of Placements Committee

1A Placement Committee ready reference and procedures

2 Guidelines for Communication and Confidentiality for Placements Committee

3 20 steps - Filling a ministerial vacancy in cong placement

4 Notes for Ministers when name given to JNC

5 Priority Placement classification

6 Exit placements

7 Guidelines for the Third Phase of Ministerial Education

8 Notes for When an Exit Candidate is Proposed

9 Notes re Terms of Placement


10 Statement with Letter of Call


11 'Private Arrangements'


12 Deacon as sole ministry agent in a congregation


13 Chaplaincy Placements - procedures for Presbyteries


14 Chaplaincy Placements - procedures for Schools


15 Ministers from Other Denominations - Guidelines for Placement


16  Advertising placements


17 Financial Assistance for Mins awaiting placement


18 Vocational Counselling of Mins


19 Extension Beyond Ten Years

19A Extension Beyond Ten Years for a Presbytery Minister

20 Sensitive Discussions re Candidature or Placement


21 Guidelines for proposing Lay Marriage celebrants


22 Placements Committee-Uniting AgeWell Guidelines for Appointing a Chaplain


23 Conflict of Interest Guidelines


24 Communicating UCA Regs re Chaplaincy appointments to UCA schools


25 Procedures for Intentional Interim Ministry (IIM)


26 Culturally Aware JNCs


27 Expressions of Interest


28 Current profile


29 JNC training resource


30 Korean JNC guidelines


31 Placements Committee-Pastoral Assistance Committee relationship

32 Guidelines for Appointing a Minister to a UnitingCare Agency to the 'Protocols Policies and Guidelines

33 Vitality of Call and Placement

34 Guidelines for Presbytery Chair Remuneration